Also I tried to watch Australian football and..



Also I had a cavity filled today (lol get your mind out of the gutter) and my mouth is still numb and I can’t feel my nose.

Thank goodness nothing important happened on my birthday…

September 4th:

  1. Beyonce was born
  2. Steve Irwin died
#sobs  #:'(  

He’s going to murder me tonight.

Sometimes I wish I had a flagella. Especially a peritrichous one. Imagine? Having all these tentacle-like structures coming out of everywhere? I could literally not use my legs to walk anymore. Fan-fucking-tastic. 


I spelled ‘External Categories’ in my notes as

'External Chatagories'


Know all these drugs by tomorrow morning? Sure. Def. you got it.


All my friends getting married and having kids and I’m just over here like should I put pants on today?

Fuck fucking fuck.