Black Sea (Part III)

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She paced the room once, twice, twenty times before a knock on the door brought her out of her trance.

                “Come in!”

                “Your highness,” A servant woman bowed her head before saying, “Aleksandr and Ivan have returned.”


                The woman did not need an explanation for the question, she simply nodded and waited for further instruction.

                “Good. I’ll meet them in the dungeon.”

                “Yes M’lady.”

                The door shut and it was quiet. The candles flickered for the nano before returning to their silent stance. She looked out her chamber’s window and saw the land come to life with the sunrise. She dared not to smile, for small victories are only small. She sighed heavily and pulled on her silk red gloves before heading down to the dungeons.

                At the entrance of the dark space, she could hear deep breathing and shackles. The smell of rust was heavy, she predicted blood had to be drawn. Ivan greeted her first, “Queen Margarita, we did as you instructed,” She nodded and shot a look at Aleksandr. She favored him over Ivan, though Ivan was one of the best trackers in the realm.

                “My queen,” Aleksandr spoke softly, “We have the ring. It is in its place.”

                Margarita closed her eyes and opened them slowly. Relief washed over her. The ring was home. The ring was safe. Her family was safe.

                She turned to the prisoner. She could tell he was wounded badly. A bandage was placed over his thigh, and he was bleeding a little from his head.

                “Elias,” She said clearly. The man raised his head to meet her eyes. He had sad blue eyes, with a scar over his right eyebrow. He coughed, “M’lady.”

                “Why?” Was all that she could ask.

                He looked at her in silence. The cells were empty aside from his own. His bandage was bleeding through.

                “It does not matter. I did not succeed.”

                “Why?” She got closer to the cell, he could tell she was trying to fight back rage. She was a queen after all. She had to be in control in front of her people.

                “It is too dangerous to continue the tradition.”

                Margarita was boiling inside her flesh, “Too dangerous?! It is the only insurance anyone in this realm has! You were going to endanger the cycle!

                I trusted you.”

                Elias looked away, “What is my fate?”

                Margarita looked at Aleksandr and said, “Get word out to my children to make it to the castle by nightfall,” Aleksandr nodded and walked out of the dungeon.

                She then turned around to walk after the knight. She said to Ivan over her shoulder, “Get this man ready for execution.”

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Black Sea (Part II)

Black Sea (Part I)

They were fields of green suffocating in white fog.

The heaviness of her surrounding helped her pay attention to her feet. She did not know where she was heading to, but in her mind she could see the door. To her right, a man of about thirty years was looking around frantically. She put a hand on his shoulder and pointed ahead. He was scared. She could tell he was scared, though she did not know of what.

She began to sweat the farther they walked. She wasn’t wearing anything that she was used to back home. It was a dark blue tunic that went down to her calves. Her companion was wearing the same thing. He muttered something very quietly.

“Pardon? What did you say?”

“M’lady, I don’t want to go anywhere.”

She raised a brow. She did not understand what he meant.

“We have to. It is my duty. It has to be done,” She tugged on his arm and he wiggled out of her touch.

“No! We don’t! I can’t. I am not ready!” The man got on his knees on the green and started to heave. A deep low sob escaped from his lips. She had never seen a man cry before. She did not know what to do. She bent down to him and asked,

“What is your name?”

When she was young, her mother would make her walk around the halls with a heavy book on top of her head. She said it would make her become more aware of her surroundings. Of how heavy stability could become. She had to earn her stature. She was responsible of her future.

“Elias,” he said through heavy breaths.

She put both of her hands on Elias’s shoulders so that he had to look her in the eyes when she said, “I’m Charlotte.”

“I know who you are, M’lady.”

She shook her head, “Here I am Charlotte. Nothing more. Nothing less. I am your equal.”

Elias nodded and pulled at the green. There was no soil underneath. Just more green. It seemed to continue deeper than he could possibly imagine. There was no end.

“Do you know what will happen to me?” He looked down.

She breathed through her nose. The air was still. It was not cold, nor was it hot.

She exhaled.

“I do not know. I do not remember.”

Blood eagle be me
and who carries
the burden of
smiling too brightly
at the thought of
taking what is not

making it
their own.

  • Me: Go to sleep please!
  • Kid: Okay!
  • Kid: *Two minutes later* I'm hungry
  • Me: What do you want to eat?
  • Kid: Boiled eggs
  • Me: *Boils eggs*
  • Kid: I don't like the yellow part
  • Me: *Takes out yolk*
  • Kid: Okay I'll go to sleep now
  • Kid: *Two minutes later* I'm hungry
  • Me: What do you want to eat?
  • Kid: Pasta
  • Me: *Boils pasta*
  • Kid: Okay good night!
  • Kid: *Five minutes later*
  • Kid: I'm hungry
Title: Hospital Beds (Covers) 40 plays


Hospital Beds (Cover) - Cold War Kids

Nurses are fussin’ , doctors on tour somewhere in India

I got one friend laying across from me
I did not choose him, he did not choose me
We’ve got no chance of recovery
Sharing hospital joy and misery, joy and misery, joy and misery

This four year old keeps trying to eat from my chicken and I’m sorry


Chilling in the back room because my feet hurt and the whole world and their mother is at the mall.