There is always
Time stamped delicately on
Our writing— we do it
Pulling everything out of
Our memory
Even the wolves as
They quiver and whine
At dark nights below
The moon
Even the cells deep
Inside our core
Leaning out to the
Sun warming our
Even the soil in
Which we walk on
Counts our toes
As they land
One by one
Quiet creatures
To travel still
At our knocks.


If I could take your pain away

If I could take it all to myself.

I would.

Rest easy my brothers.

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  • Grandma: I hate going through security
  • Grandma: It's like going to the gynecologist


A wind and a wave
I wait in constricted silence
For last sedated cry
Up over you

My brothers.


The state is crunching
Up in static stress
It breaks in uneven shakes
I hear the ambulance roar
And I run

Thinking it’s the siren
That comes from above

I’ve slept through
Another rocket again
My dear country
When will this end?


Hamas tried to steal the bodies of IDF soldiers who were killed by them last night.

Those seeds
I’ve sold
Are in better
Heaven than


Checked my grades for the semester…

4.0 GPA second time in a row. Presidents list here I come!