29 soldiers fallen. One of the soldiers was a commander in the tankers brigade. Served with my cousin and went to school with another cousin. Comm. Dima may you rest in peace.

One of the soldiers was killed then kidnapped. Oron Shaul. Pray that they bring his remains whole soon.

Chocolate milk in a bag. I’m a happy camper.

Happy to be in Israel! Praying for the soldiers to come home safe and sound.

Also my grandma is feeding me all the time.

"Eat something!"

And five minutes later, “you don’t eat anything!!” And hands me a Ukrainian Twinkie.

5am here and I wake up to the sound of booms overhead.

I went to the beach and no one was there.

I went to the mall and no one was there.

Ashkelon beach.

esmereldasbeneaththewater asked: try to be safe! <3 I'm so sorry all this is going on, my heart and prayers are with you

I’m safe! 28 soldiers fallen, one was kidnapped. My heart is breaking— I was born here. My little country.

My baba <3

Red alert in Ashkelon. 2 more soldiers age 20 and 21 dead.

Good morning from Ashkelon!!!